AL Masaood job in Dubai | 2021|

AL Masaood job in Dubai | 2021| Al Masaood is among the major business families in Abu Dhabi with a rich diversity of businesses and businesses in Abu Dhabi, anywhere in the UAE and beyond.

We are the first company to be registered by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce. Our group has been involved in industrial development in Abu Dhabi, reflecting the trajectory of government

Development with some key “firsts” such as the delivery of gas turbines to the country and the establishment of the first desalination plant in the UAE.

At Al Masaood, we look at talented and motivated employees with innovative minds. We are business leaders in offering learning opportunities to enthusiastic undergraduates trying to pave the way for your job travel.

Our internship is for two months and a certain department is used for a full term. Participating departments include Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Finance, Customer Services, Sales, Marketing and engineering departments.

AL Masaood job in Dubai | 2021|

AL Masaood job in Dubai | 2021|

They are moving into a new future in which bright ideas and creativity may embrace innovation and technology to be successful.

Al Masaood is a very private and diverse group, located in Abu Dhabi. Its partnerships and companies length activities and expertise in 18 distinct market segments. Its main goal is to grow through a deep understanding of its market, the quality of its services and products and also the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction.

From its old establishments as an independent venture house around 50 decades prior, Al Masaood has transformed into one of the biggest coordinated modern, administration and business undertakings in the Middle East. Al Masaood holds the main Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce enrollment. AL Masaood job in Dubai | 2021|

Business profile: Al Masaood oil and gas jobs in the Gulf
Table of contents
Business profile: Al Masaood oil and gas jobs in the Gulf
List of jobs

  1. Sales executive
  2. Marketing officer
  3. Local business
    Al Masaood jobs oil and gas jobs in Gulf: founded in 1971, Al Masaood oil & gas is one of those companies basic petroleum, gasoline, and non-permanent members of the United Arab Emirates. AL Masaood job in Dubai | 2021|

With more than 45 decades of involvement in both upstream and downstream functions along with a workforce of more than 850 employees, Al Masaood Oil & Gas provides innovative oil departments and provides across the UAE, the Middle East, North Africa and the eastern Mediterranean. Al Masaood oil and gas jobs jobs in Gulf

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the company also has subsidiaries in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Algeria and Cyprus, as well as expanding the profit system in Egypt, Lebanon, Greece and Montenegro through subsidiaries abroad.

Apart from its core field of oil solutions, Al Masaood oil & gas is renowned among the major regional sponsors, representatives and strategic partners of multi-national builders and producers working in the UAE’s energy sector. Al Masaood oil & gas is an independent member of Al Masaood Group, Al Masaood oil & gas jobs in the Gulf. AL Masaood job in Dubai | 2021|

List of jobs
Executive Sales Presentation and application
Marketing officer view and apply
Business analyst view and application
Electrical supervisor view and application
Art show and application

  1. Sales executive
    There will not be exactly two days in Al-Futtaim, no matter what job you have. Our work is driven by the desire to create a difference and get a great effect with the aim of improving daily life.
  2. Take our participatory and advocacy work environment and pair it with a business culture that recognizes and rewards caliber jobs, and what exactly do you get? An opportunity to push the boundaries of every moment. AL Masaood job in Dubai | 2021|

As a small family business that started around the banks of Dubai Creek from the 1930s, Al-Futtaim has expanded to some presence in 31 countries, a portfolio of more than 200 companies, and 42,000 workers.

You’ll find us in industries ranging from retail and automotive, to financing, property, connecting people with names like Lexus, IKEA, Robinsons photo, and Adidas.

Our group is multicultural and multinational because this kind of diverse representation provides us with the international mindset to grow and influence the individuals, markets and trends around us.

Description critical:

Revenue volume: achieve and nurture the sales standards set in the business due to its performance area, which enhances and maintains the brand image, Company and status
Customer satisfaction: achieve or exceed CSI objectives, thus ensuring optimal customer satisfaction and repeat sales
Business sales and prospecting systems: adhere to business sales and advertising systems. Achieve or exceed the goal on the amount of expectations that ensure the achievement of the company’s business objectives and also the largest customers / Prospect Foundation

Money and credit monitoring: be sure to adhere to business procedures while managing cash and credit customers. This ensures the security of money and the minimum odds of any reduction

Development and upgrading: constantly improving and developing knowledge , especially the product range , features, the automotive sector in general, new features and their advantages, technical developments, market trends, sales methods and customer management skills that dramatically improve performance

We are here to provide exceptional service but a little help from you can ensure a five-star experience from start to finish. AL Masaood job in Dubai | 2021|

By clicking on the “Apply”: Please read the project description carefully to make sure that it is possible to prove with confidence why this opportunity is perfect for you and get some opportunities to collect biography well-crafted and vitality to further enhance your vision. AL Masaood job in Dubai | 2021|

All members of our international talent acquisition team are delegated to specific companies to ensure that we create the best fit for opportunities and talent. AL Masaood job in Dubai | 2021|

As part of our candidates experience guarantee, we also want to make ourselves accessible to you through the application procedure. We make every attempt to examine and respond to each program.

  1. Marketing officer
    As a marketing executive, you will be responsible for providing support in creating an annual advertising program that drives the company’s goals and the new plan, implementing the marketing plan and plan by delivering advertising
AL Masaood job in Dubai | 2021|

Main responsibilities: AL Masaood job in Dubai | 2021|

  • Support the growth of the annual business calendar with clearly defined and priority business cases
  • Such as advertising investment that promotes and supports the industrial goals of the company’s units.
  • Strong project with visual promotion and purchasing to ensure that the elements of marketing, outdoor advertising and outdoor shopping are used to induce a coherent style for the customer
  • Ensure coordination of licenses regarding marketing and events
  • Support its brand positioning in regional markets based on marketing strategy (e.g., management niche in lingerie, cost perception across OV lines, style perception through sub-brands etc.).. )
  • Create complete advertising summaries of agreed key industry priorities and offices for timely implementation
  • Network using a variety of stakeholder clients, service providers, and ad managers agenciesand mall to ensure the utilization of opportunities and timely feedback along with integration into a comprehensive marketing program. (ATL and BTL)
  • Function to present and report on events and activation with media / agencies / public relations
  • Required skills

Consider this exciting opportunity, you must be educated in The Bachelor’s degree level in
Business management or marketing at a licensed university, along with 3+ years advertising experience working in the retail and fashion industry.

In addition, you must have a solid practical understanding of new management and other advertising basics, a very strong analytical background and sophisticated knowledge of Microsoft Office. AL Masaood job in Dubai | 2021|

In case you have got excellent communication skills, and a proactive, comprehensive orientation, gorgeous scheme, multitasking, good with numbers instead of the face working in a fast-paced environment then apply without delay!

It provides a very attractive and encouraging work environment in a society that recognizes and rewards caliber jobs.

  1. Local business
    Within this role you will partner with process supervisors, technology and business leaders to provide quality recommendations and insightsand identify areas of progress and impact on Group Management.

Due diligence-conduct due diligence and investigate investment opportunities or progress to collect data across all industry teams so as to facilitate due diligence procedures.

Review information obtained from industry teams and identify some gaps in the information. The fact sheet is ready to get organized attention of opportunities. AL Masaood job in Dubai | 2021|

Market research-conduct market research on most investment/improvement opportunities and collect market information to enhance current data. Prepare required Market Research reports with concise and clear decisions.

Reporting – creating flexible financial models to assess investment opportunities. Prepare financial records for presentation to potential stakeholders and mature leadership. Create progress presentations and reports for both internal and external use.

This job requires significant skills across operational and communication projects. You’ll also need to fully understand the available datasets, and have the ability to extract information from a variety of information sources, such as relational databases, Redshift groups, and information lakes. They will have exceptional verbal and written communication abilities, an established ability to meet tight deadlines, multitasking, and work enhancement.

  • Work together with technology and business analysts to understand requirements and prioritize jobs efficiently
  • Develop and manage milestones throughout functions to ensure timely and effective deliverables

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