Cabin Crew Recruitment in Qatar Airways | Walk-In Recruitment Event in Berlin

Cabin Crew Recruitment in Qatar Airways

Hiring OrganizationQatar Airways
LocationDoha, Qatar
Job ID2400005I
Job CategoryCabin Crew & Cabin Services
Cabin Crew Recruitment in Qatar Airways

As our global ambassadors, the Qatar Airways Cabin Crew, start your adventure now.

We offer fantastic possibilities for bright people to join our award-winning Cabin Crew team as our worldwide network grows.

In order to provide our renowned hospitality and first-rate service and create unforgettable client experiences, we are looking for highly driven personnel.

Visit more than 160 locations throughout the globe with advantages that top the industry and unmatched training courses.


In order to succeed in this position, you need to have:

  • 21 as the minimum age
  • 212 cm minimum arm reach required for a high school diploma
  • proficient in both written and spoken English
  • Outstanding interpersonal abilities
  • Strong sense of duty and aptitude for working in a multicultural environment Superior physical and mental well-being
  • a readiness to move to Doha, Qatar

How to Apply

Apply online for the position that is closest to your present location.

FAQ: Cabin Crew Recruitment in Qatar Airways

How can one join Qatar Airways’ cabin crew?

Employment of Cabin Crew at Qatar Airways
In order for you to submit your application, please confirm that you are eligible for each.
21 is the minimum age.
Arm reach minimum: 212 cm.
Diploma from High School.
proficient in both written and spoken English
outstanding physical condition.
the capacity to go to Doha, Qatar.

What is the pay scale for Qatar Airways’ cabin crew?

What is the salary of a flight attendant at India’s Qatar Airways? In India, the average monthly salary for a Qatar Airways flight attendant is around ₹ 1,02,890, which is 238% more than the national average.

What is the duration taken by Qatar Airways to hire cabin crew?

All returning Qatar Airways cabin crew members are required to apply via the QR jobs website for the position “QR23601 – Rejoining Qatar Airways Cabin Crew.” Please give our Cabin Crew Recruitment team 21 days after submitting your online application to get in touch with you.

In 2024, will Qatar employ cabin crew?

Currently, Qatar Airways is holding events to recruit cabin crew. The links to submit an online application for each location are shown below. We advise you to submit an application to the big city that is nearest to your home.

Ways to construct a CV for Qatar Airways?

Qatari Resume: Professional Background
For job applications in Qatar, the most crucial portion of your CV is the work experience section. Using examples of your actual work accomplishments, you may demonstrate to hiring managers how well you match the job description. One helpful technique for showcasing your professional expertise is the STAR approach.

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Cabin Crew Recruitment in Qatar Airways