UPS Warehouse Jobs

UPS Warehouse Jobs

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What are UPS warehouse jobs?

UPS warehouse jobs are positions within the ups company that involve working in a warehouse or distribution center. These professions entail strenuous physical labor and may involve activities like loading and unloading items, sorting packages, using machinery, and maintaining a tidy and orderly warehouse. UPS warehouse jobs are available in various locations around the world and provide a stable and good career option for job seekers.

UPS Warehouse Jobs
UPS Warehouse Jobs


Job ID: R23007091
Zip Code: B2N 2A8

Job description:

This position is responsible for loading, unloading, shipping, receiving, scanning, sorting and storing packages. This situation may use heavy machinery to complete tasks. This post performs other tasks as assigned in a fast-paced environment.


  1. Learns and correctly implements ups methods of handling the package.
  2. Loads and unloads UPS packages into trailers or package cars.


  • The ability to lift up to 70 lbs./ 32 kg.
  • The ability to read and memorize postal codes
  • Availability of flexible working hours, up to 5 days a week
  • Warehouse experience-my favorite

UPS Canada is a diverse and Equal Opportunity Employer. Please inform our HR representatives if there is a need for accommodation at the workplace. Thank you for your interest in UPS Canada.

Warehouse Assistant-Maintenance

Job number: 23005119

Postal code: L7L 0A6

Location: Burlington, Ontario Canada

Job description:

The second warehouse assistant influences the organization by meeting the established operational KPIs. This experienced employee has a general knowledge of storage terminology and practices.

This position is responsible for warehouse functions including, but not limited to, unloading, sorting, picking, processing, packing, shipping, cycle count and may be responsible for multiple accounts.

A person in this position may use PC-based warehouse management systems to track parcels, confirm shipments, print labels, and conduct inventory inventories. The second warehouse assistant may use radio frequency scanners, trolleys, pallet jacks and/or forklifts.

Such an employee may have direct contact with the customer and the seller and work under the supervision of the warehouse commander or supervisor.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Receive and inspect the incoming product in accordance with established standard operating procedures.
  • Place the product away in the correct location based on standard operating procedures.
  • Receive returns, count and confirm quantities, determine the status and complete paperwork (for example, separate and identical invoices for invoices).
  • Get orders, prioritize if necessary, choose products from the appropriate sites.
  • Get and match correctly even printed orders.
  • Check the accuracy of the selected orders, including the product name, size, product code, batch number, expiration date and quantity. Escalate concerns to the leader or supervisor.
  • Stage and safe product package based on standard operating procedures.
  • Put the appropriate documentation with each application and make sure that all cases are clearly marked and accurately marked (for example, pick-up/packaging vouchers, cooling labels).
  • Arrange pick-up for shipments, contact the carriers for ETA, coordinate the schedule.
  • Handle products and perform duties in accordance with client’s procedures, GMP / SUP and government regulations / compliance.
  • Palletizing cases, wrapping, loading skates on trailers.
  • Create shipping labels and other papers for parcels and little ski shipments (for example, waybill, shipping data, shipping labels); keep accurate shipping data in the warehouse management system.
  • Stage and coordination of outgoing shipments.
  • Safely operate various power equipment including, but not limited to, Pallet Motors, forklifts, access trucks and order collectors.
  • Use RF scanners to scan barcodes electronically.
  • Enter inventory into the warehouse management system, check the accuracy of the information, perform scheduled operations (such as invoices, reports, problem sheets) in accordance with sops.
  • Conduct physical inventory or cycle counts daily, weekly and / or monthly based on standard operating procedures.
  • Develop a physical inventory plan, monitor physical inventories, identify all O & D systems (over stock / shortages / damages), report or correct any errors or discrepancies.
  • Quickly respond (via email or phone) to customer/customer inquiries, solve problems, and report service issues to the supervisor.
  • Compile daily and monthly client reports for each SUP, including KPI reports for clients.
  • Promote safe work practices in other countries, indicate areas where safety training and enforcement are needed, participate in the committee of the Comprehensive Health and safety program.
  • Make sure that all equipment is in proper working order (for example, counter balance/doors/sidewalks/signal lights).

Education and Experience:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Required experience warehouse.
  • At least 3 years of experience in maintenance work.
  • Experience in working with various tools , knowledge of how to repair equipment
  • Experience with computers – some billing
  • Preferred Excel experience
  • Work from heights
  • Work in refrigerants
  • Shift: 7: 00 AM to 3: 30 pm

UPS Canada is a diverse and Equal Opportunity Employer. Please inform our HR representatives if there is a need for accommodation at the workplace. Thank you for your interest in UPS Canada.

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Tips for success in UPS warehouse jobs

The following pointers allow you to prevail if you`re considering making use of for a process on the UPS warehouse:

  • Keep your self bodily fit: It is critical to preserve excellent bodily fitness due to the fact warehouse employment entails worrying bodily labor.
  • Pay close attention to safety: preventing injuries is a key priority in any warehouse environment, therefore it’s critical to adhere to all safety procedures and operate equipment correctly.
  • Get organized: Warehouse work requires a lot of sorting and organizing, so it’s critical to be well-organized and pay attention to details to guarantee that packages are classified and sorted correctly.
  • Working well in a team: Warehouse positions frequently require close collaboration with other staff members to load and unload products, therefore it’s critical to have good communication skills and teamwork skills.
  • Be adaptable: warehouse jobs can be fast-paced and require workers to adapt to rapidly changing situations. If you are versatile and have the ability to deal with unforeseen obstacles, you can succeed in this industry.

By following these tips and putting in hard work, you can succeed in a UPS warehouse job and build a rewarding career in the logistics industry.


In conclusion, UPS warehouse jobs can be a great option for those who are looking for a stable and physically active career. With opportunities for advancement and competitive wages, these jobs offer a promising path for those wishing to work.

Although the work can be taxing, it can also be rewarding because it is crucial to maintaining the smooth international transportation of packages and goods.
If you are considering a career in the logistics industry, UPS warehouse jobs are definitely worth exploring.

What kind of material demands should I expect in a UPS warehouse job?

UPS warehouse jobs require physical labor such as lifting, carrying, and transporting packages of various sizes and weights. You must be able to lift big packages and be ready to stand for extended amounts of time while working.

Are there opportunities for advancement in UPS warehouse jobs?

Yes, ups provide opportunities for advancement within the company. Employees who put in the effort can advance in the organization and assume more responsibility, which leads to higher pay and better job opportunities.

What kind of training is provided for UPS warehouse jobs?

Ups provide comprehensive training for warehouse staff, including safety protocols, equipment use, and parcel handling procedures. To make sure that workers are knowledgeable about the most recent practices and technologies, ongoing training is also offered.

What is the starting pay for a UPS warehouse job?

Starting pay for a UPS warehouse job varies depending on the location and job position. UPS is renowned for providing its employees with competitive pay and benefits, nevertheless.

What kind of benefits do ups offer to its warehouse employees?

In addition to health insurance, retirement programs, paid time off, and professional progression possibilities, UPS provides a number of benefits to its staff.

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