Production Worker Jobs in Canada Apply Direct

Production Worker Jobs in Canada

Hiring OrganizationCanfor
Posting ID27087
Position TypeRegular
CityVanderhoof, BC, Canada
Salaryhourly wage is $32.09.
Production Worker Jobs in Canada

The position calls for mental and physical toughness, meticulousness, and a strong sense of awareness of your surroundings. You’ll be collaborating with mobile equipment, industrial machinery, and conveyor belts.

This might include, but is not restricted to:

  • Shovelling, lifting, transporting boards, and other weather-exposed trash while maintaining the site’s general cleanliness.
  • alternating between different work duties and tasks in your designated section of the production plant. Examine work to make sure it is precise and accurate. following plans in order to keep manufacturing on track. To get things back on track, use your knowledge, abilities, and experience to assess, troubleshoot, and communicate with your team lead and maintenance.
  • accepting accountability for helping to create a safe working environment for clients, coworkers, and site visitors.

 You are prepared for this position with:

  • safety-focused mentality
  • Capacity to carry out labor-intensive, repeated manual tasks for prolonged periods of time, such as walking, shovelling, climbing stairs, bending, lifting up to 50 pounds, and stacking timber.
  • While not required, prior experience with and/or around machinery and equipment is advantageous.
  • Outstanding collaboration abilities and the capacity to work well with others in a team
  • elevated level of urgency and meticulousness

For this position, the hourly wage is $32.09.

Note that this range only applies to base pay. Apart from the base income, the role qualifies for Canfor’s health and well-being programmes and paid leave. Above all, we take great pride in providing our staff with a benefits package that values inclusion, diversity, and equity while creating a work atmosphere where excellence is acknowledged.

Don’t mark every bullet point.

At Canfor, a proper match for our company comes before a rigid set of requirements. Applications from those whose backgrounds might not exactly match are encouraged.

Our people-focused strategy values each person’s individuality celebrates diversity, and places a high priority on safety. Inclusion and diversity, in our opinion, are essential to our competitive advantage, creativity, productivity, and innovation. We use a fair and impartial hiring procedure that takes experience and qualifications into account.

Although we value your interest, we will only get in touch with individuals who have been chosen for interviews. Depending on the function and region, our recruiting process for a variety of professions involves many screening procedures including references checks, behavioural evaluations, and criminal record checks.

Production Worker Jobs in Canada


What is the salary of production workers in Canada?

What is the salary of a factory worker in Canada? In Canada, the average income for a manufacturing worker is $17 per hour, or $33,150 per year. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is $28,945 annually, while the average salary for experienced professionals is $44,624.

How can I work at a manufacturing in Canada?

The following are some prerequisites for employment as a factory worker: secondary education: Production workers with a secondary education are often hired by most firms. To enhance your abilities in the position, select your area of expertise and locate certification programmes for manufacturing workers.

What is the salary of a worker in a factory in Canada?

The average hourly wage in Ontario for a factory worker is $14.42 as of June 4, 2024. Although wages as high as $19.23 and as low as $8.65 are recorded on ZipRecruiter, the bulk of Factory Worker earnings in Ontario are presently found to be within the 25th and 75th percentiles, at $12.02 to $16.11.

Is it simple to acquire a job in Canada?

To put it briefly, there are three easy procedures you must take in order to get hired in Canada as an Indian. Step 1: Look for job openings in Canada, attend interviews, and obtain an employment letter. Step 2: Apply for Permanent Residency (PR) as soon as you have your job letter. Step 3: Relocate to Canada after obtaining your PR.

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Production Worker Jobs in Canada